XPE Plate

XPE carving and race snowboard plate, CNC technology produced, made of polymer base and aluminum (XPE-A) or carbon (XPA-C) plate.
Designed and manufactured by carvers for carvers in Poland, EU


Plate is available in three versions:
- XPE: polymer plate
- XPE-A: polymer base with aluminium plate
- XPE-C: polymer base with carbon plate

Height: 10mm
Width: 190mm or 158mm
Weight (for 190mm width version):
- XPE 700g
- XPE-A 1000g

Polymer base colour: black, white
Aluminium plate colour: natural/grey, black, red

Custom width - 150% standard price

P造ta XPE-A
Foto: XPE-A black Plate on KESSLER GS board with Bomber bindings.

P造ta XPE-A
Foto: XPE-C white Plate on Pathron/PTN LAB Freecarver Titanal board with F2 Race Titanium bindings.

P造ta XPE-A
Foto: XPE-C white Plate on KESSLER GS with F2 Race Titanium bindings and a set of XPE-A black plates.


- Distribution of force from binding to maxiumm area of board, to avoid point overloads, that could damage boards, especially titanal, by delaminate of titanal from core.
- Distribution of force close to board edge , to minimze transverse deflection of board.
- Made of polymer to vibration reduction.
- More symetrically distribution of force to board edge.
- More transverse stifness of board.
- Ability to assembly on inserts spacing 4cm and 6cm.
- Ability to assembly on standard 4x4 inserts system.

Compatible with: SG Full Carve/Full Race, Kessler The Alpine, F2 Speedster, Pathron Freecarver

Plate versions

XPE Plate is made of polymer. It is a base, the lightest version of plate.
XPE-A has aluminium addition for more simetrically distribution of force to board edge.
XPE-C is similar to XPE-A, but in addition it is made of carbon to reduce weight of plate, and more vibration reduction.


XPE-C: 250EUR (not availabe now)

Shipping 20EUR (Czech, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Lithuania, Slovakia, France, Slovenia, Hungary, United Kingdom, Italy)

P造ta XPE-A

Rys: Force distrubution schema

Video: Part of XPE-A polymer-aluminium plate test on very soft board, very hard snow and with very heavy rider.

Matching plate width with board width

Jak dobra szeroko嗆 p造ty

Rys: How to match plate width with board width

Chekck of board width 150mm form centre of rear biding to centre of board
Optimal - board topshee width a is eqaual or 10mm greater then plate width.
Minimal - board waist width w is equal plate width.
Extreme - board base width b is equal plate width.

Oder a plate

Order by info@shaman-snowboard.pl

Please specify:
- Plate type: XPE,XPE-A or XPE-C (special order)
- Plate width: 158mm, 190mm or custom (special order)
- Plate colour: Polymer base: black/white, aluminium plate: natural(grey)/black/red
- Country of shipping

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